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10/10/2003 8:16pm
why there is no "to" in filter?

I'd like to "leave on server" when the email is sent to my spouse and then she can download her emails from her email client
10/10/2003 8:29pm
Firstly there is a "To", you just have to select something else in the menu first and then select to. This is a known bug.

Secondly Scribe currently doesn't allow filtering of mail on the server, you have to download it to filter it.

This is most likely a feature that will end up in v2 of the software. However that is still some time off. I don't know when it'll happen.

Although I can see some point in a "Delete On Server" action that you could put into a filter. That would give you some control over what is left on the server. You could use a condition like ", NOT contains," and then "delete from server" as the action. Adding such an action is trival, all the support is already there.

Hmmm, food for thought.