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23/09/2003 1:28pm

I've already downloaded Test39 for Win32! Great job!

Got some issues :)

1. When I copied a mail from a folder to another folder, I get the following error when opening the newly copied message:

-> Crash: Mail::OnMouseClick() left/double click.
-> Please report to

2. Regarding the "Security Settings", I can see my passwords as I type them, shouldn't they be masked with asterisks (*)? :)

3. Thanks for fixing the date format issue. Another minor thing about sorting by dates: When I imported my Outlook Express messages to iScribe, I get similar "Date" column values for all of my messages. And when I sort it by the "Date" column, the next/prev buttons on the message viewer randomly select messages with the same date. I guess this is a minor issue. It works OK though if the dates are different.

4. Suppose I have a contact with multiple e-mail accounts, how can I add the 2nd, 3rd, etc. e-mail accounts to the recipient list when sending mail?

5. When sending and downloading mail, the "Email" progress bar is not working, even if the e-mail has attachments, only the the "Progress" progress bar is working.


1. Deleting a folder: Is it possible to move it to the "Trash" as a sub-folder?

2. Message columns: When the column is too narrow, is it possible to display ellipsis (...) at the end of the string so that the text will not appear to overlap?

Trinity L. Bays
24/09/2003 7:09am
i would also like to add a sugestion..

how about a way to mark all emails in a folder as read with out useing filtering or selecting all the entries with shift-mouse drag
25/09/2003 2:01am

1. Fixed
2. Fixed
3. Use the "Sent Date"?
4. Currently there is no way to access this but I could add it to the recipient's right click menu.
5. It seems to work sometimes and not others. I'll look into again.


1. Maybe, I'm not sure whether the architecture can cope.
2. This is planned for the list control but I havn't implemented it yet. No time.


The easiest way is to use the keyboard shortcut for select all (ctrl-a) and then right click -> Set Read. But I can see that maybe a context menu option on the folder would be easier.
30/10/2003 10:08pm
The message column ellipses have been implemented in the next version.

PS I'm still thinking about your ASP ide thing. I'm just busy with existing work right now.