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16/09/2003 2:52am
Hi again,

I am using i.Scribe v1.86 (Test37, Win32 Release),
the calendar events does not reflect on the week/
month/year view, though I can see them on the
calendar event list. Is this a known issue? And
how do you use the configure option of the calendar?
What does the Colour, Display, Create In columns

16/09/2003 9:03am
As long as you have the config set right it should work. The calendar config has a list of folders that the calendar uses for source material. So you should have at least one entry for '/Calendar' which is the default folder. The items in that folder should show up in the week/month/year view.

If they are not then check the dates carefully in the calendar object your testing with, sometimes it's in the wrong year of whatever.

Display allows you to hide various folders.

Create in sets the folder that calendar entries are created in when you double click empty space in the week/month/year view.

It does all work, you might need to config it though.
16/09/2003 11:20am
I think I found the problem with the dates:

When I set the date format to "day/month/year 24h"
(I guess this is your default), everything works ok.
But if I use, say "month/day/year 12h" or "auto",
my dates does not save properly (eg. I entered
"9/16/2003", after saving, it became "16/9/2003")

Another thing, when viewing mail (not on the preview
pane), clicking on "Previous message" & "Next message" button will randomly(?) jump to non-consecutive
messages if the message list is sorted by a column.
If it is not sorted by any column, it works ok.

By the way, how do you unsort a column without
sorting another column (ie. remove all sorting)?

Thanks :)
16/09/2003 11:37am
Just found out that the latter issue of my previous post (re. Prev/Next message button) happens to work properly if I use the default date/time formate "day/month/year".
16/09/2003 6:14pm
I've already fixed this issue with dates in Test38 which isn' t released yet.

There might be a bug in the next / prev code, I'll check it out.

There currently isn't a way of removing sorting altogether. I didn't think it was useful.
18/09/2003 2:51pm
I've also had the problem with "previous" and "next" not working properly. Sometimes they seem to work in reverse; sometimes the movement seems random. It seems to happen however I have mail sorted.