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09/09/2003 4:29pm
Hiya Matt,

It would be really cool to have enhanced functionality of the flashing message icon in the systray.

For example, if it flashed RED, then I would know it is likely to be an important work related email from * would be neat to even be able to associate my own icon if I wanted.

Also, a new message icon flashing WHITE, could signify that the message is from someone on my contact list.

Speaking of that, a whitelist function would be very cool! Emails sent to you from people on your contact list would be announced and go directly to your INBOX. Other emails would go to a REVIEW folder for review at your leisure.

Another thing is that I am signed up for various mailing lists. It would be handy to be able to assign those to dump into a MAIL_LIST folder. There could be an icon associated with new maillist messages arriving.

Also, a flashing questionmark icon in the systray could announce unsolicited emails. Then I wouldn't ever rush to open up the InSribe window to the disappointment of it just being spam.

Another thing that would be neat is that when you mouseover the flashing icon, it could give you a quick text popup with somethin such as this:

work messages: 9
From people on contact list: 6
Mailing list: 3
Potential spam message: 17

Assigning specific sounds to announce the arrival of messages from certain people would be really neat too.

Ok, thereya go...some fancy ideas hah!
09/09/2003 7:51pm
Firstly, I must tell you that some of what you want has already arrived in the form of Bayesian Filtering, which is in the current test version.

Basically it sorts the spam into a separate folder once it learns what you consider to be spam. When the filter classifies something as "possibly spam" the tray icon doesn't flash. Which is pretty handly to keep you focused on working rather than being interrupted for nothing.

Part of the filtering involves an automatic whitelist generator, basically any mail you have not in the /Spam folder is considered to be from someone you care to receive from and gets whitelisted. This helps to keep the false positives low (in fact I have yet to get a false positive).

As for separating work, personal and mailing list email and assigning different tray icons to them, I think when the Bayesian Filtering supports more buckets than "spam" and "ham" it would be easy to assign extra options to those buckets. So I'll think about it then.

I use filters to handle mailing list mail, and I usually set it to read, because I don't want it distracting me.
09/09/2003 7:55pm
Btw you need to enable Bayesian Filter in the filters menu.

Then once you've collected a bunch of Spam (by using the "Delete As Spam" button on the toolbar) you need to manually run the Filters->Build Bayesian Word Lists function to give the filter something to work with.

Then every few days rebuild the word lists to keep them up to date.

Eventually it'll be an automatic thing but at this point it's not.
12/09/2003 12:14pm
Right on, sounds nice!