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Author/Date changing column widths?
08/09/2003 11:45am
I might be missing something obvious, but--

is there a way to change column widths across the board, so to speak, so that all mail folders will look the same? I've been adjusting column widths for each folder individually. Getting them to line up with one another is doable, but tedious.

I'm using In.Scribe for Windows, 1.86 (test37).

Thanks, Michael
08/09/2003 8:19pm
There isn't anyway to do that. Each folder remembers it's own settings.
15/09/2003 12:43pm
That is a good point, a shortcut to manage the column width would be very nice.

In Windows Explorer I often use CTRL+ to expand all the column nice & clean.

Another thing that would be handy is a mouseover function to give a text popup which would display the full message subject...then you don't have to expand the column to read it.

Also it would be nice to have the From & Subject field boxes expand all the way across to below the Print icon so we can readily see those really lengthy ones.

15/09/2003 6:22pm
I'll see what I can do about these things.