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Author/Date Problem with identities / How to create multiple idents?
05/09/2003 2:43pm
Hi there,

I've found Inscribe while searching for a proper MS replacement. I think InScribe is an excellent piece of work.

I have a small problem though. I need to send mails from different addresses, I know that there's an option to set the default sender, but it's not convenient. I also noticed that From box on the new message/reply message window. However I can only see the default Identity I configured.

How on earth can I create multiple identities. I just couldn't find the option....

Thanks a lot!

PS.I've started the hungarian translation...

05/09/2003 6:18pm
Identities are associated with accounts, so in InScribe open the account settings and in the first tab there is a set of fields for name, email, sig etc.

Then when you receive email from the account it will automatically use the associated identity for the reply.

i.Scribe has only 1 identity for it's 1 account.

Hungarian: Cool!
08/09/2003 1:13pm

Hi again,

Well I still don't get it ;)

To clear up: i can only create a single identity and add multiple email accounts to it, right?

That sounds ok.
However, when i click on new mail I cannot select the account I want that letter to be sent. When I click on the From icon, the added pane only lists the identity /and NOT the accounts!!/ thus i'm not able to actually select the email address to be sent the letter from.

I hope i was clear;)

So what am I doing wrong? Can I create multiple identities too somehow?


08/09/2003 8:23pm
Each account has an Identity associated with it. There is also a separate "default" Identity that is not associated with an account.

To create a second Identity, which has to be attached to an account, open that account in the options and enter the details in the Identity tab.


1) Default Identity (File->Options->IdentityTab)

2) "Work" Identity (File->Options->AccountsTab->Account[1]->IdentityTab)

3) "Home" Identity (File->Options->AccountsTab->Account[2]->IdentityTab)

12/09/2003 11:50am
Thanks! Everything is ok now:). I failed to fill out all fields on the accounts tab...