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Author/Date SMTP built into InScribe?
29/08/2003 4:40pm
I think it would be sugar sweet to have an option to let InScribe actually deliver email to POP servers itself.

That would cut out the middle man of having to rely upon some damn ISP SMTP or wasting system resources by running the freeware Argosoft SMTP or whatever yourself.

InScribe wouldn't even have to run an actual SMTP I think. All it has to do is telnet port 110 of the POP server and issue the commands to send a message right?

Either way, an all in one solution would be awesome!

29/08/2003 7:31pm
This has been a plan of mine for a long time because in general ISP SMTP gateways suck.

I get pretty constant complaints about "550 relaying denied" error messages from badly configured SMTP hosts.

The actual implementation would mean writing an SMTP to SMTP relay, as mail servers don't access incomming mail via POP, only SMTP.

So yeah, I know, but it's a "when I get around to it" sort of thing.