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Author/Date a better way to manage INBOX messages?
29/08/2003 4:27pm
Hiya Matt, I think it would be great to have added functionality for managing the INBOX.

In Windows I like to take advantage of the "RIGHT CLICK & SEND TO" to send files to Notepad, InScribe, IE, Opera, etc.

Could you do something similar for InScribe? have a "RIGHT CLICK & SEND TO" thing for quickly filing INBOX messages into the whichever available subfolder you wish? When I just have a few messages to move into a subfolder, doing the "SLOW DOUBLE LEFT CLICK & DRAG" thing is fine.

However, when I have 50+ messages in my INBOX which I would like to file away into various subfolders for future reference, it would be sooOOOooo handy to be able to RIGHT CLICK and send to the appropriate subfolder.

29/08/2003 7:27pm
Firstly it's only a single click to drag the items to a folder, you just have to select the item(s) first.

You can also move multiple items in one move by selecting them while holding down 'ctrl' then drag from one of the selected items to the destination folder.

So far you havn't convinced me there is some compelling functionality in the right click mode you talk about, as all that can be accomplished with the existing UI.

Feel free to prove me wrong! :)