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21/08/2003 2:33pm
I like to keep my e-mails on the server, so all is not lost in a horrendous system crash. The trouble is, when using Scribe, that it wants to download them all again!

After I set it all up, I grabbed my emails from the server, and left the computer. A few hours later, it wanted to download all 122 emails again!

Is this a known bug? (my apologies if I missed the thread here, I did look!) Or am I obviously going wrong somewhere with Scribe?

Many thanks.
22/08/2003 9:39am
The list of what Scribe has downloaded from the server already is kept in the file "Scribe.r" in the same directory as the executable.

If this gets deleted or Scribe can't write to it then the list of email on the server is lost and Scribe assumes that it hasn't downloaded any email yet and proceeds to download the entire list.

Some of the very old versions had bugs like this, but the most recent probably doesn't (v1.86-test34).
22/08/2003 1:04pm
Been trying it with two other pop3 accounts, doesn't seem to be recurring. Possibly something strange with myrealbox's setup, or just a random glitch.

More testing needed before I switch :]
13/10/2003 12:45am
I beleve your problem is because Scribe doesn't set the messages as "read" on the server.
Does it do so in the new version?
13/10/2003 1:02am
POP has no means for a client to change the status of email left on the server. It doesn't even keep a status flag on the email.

So what scribe does is store that information locally. Most of the time that works fine. But like I said, because that info is stored in the Scribe.r file it can be deleted or misplaced.

The only other thing that I can think of is that if the server decides to return a different UID (unique ID) for the same peice of mail in different sessions that Scribe will think it's a different peice of mail and download it. This is not so much a bug in scribe but a bug in the server.