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Author/Date HTML rendered by default now?
01/08/2003 12:44pm
Hello, I had been using an older version of InScribe, switched to the latest and now I see that HTML is translated in the damn HTML spam mails I get. I would rather not see a webpage from such bastards tryinta peddle me products I didn't sign up to get info on or whatever. Before when I saw raw HTML tags in email, I knew it was spam and I could delete the crap immediately.

I hope it doesn't allow execution of javascript, java applets, or ActiveX like the dumbass MS Outlook. Could you possibly add something to allow us to translate HTML on a per message basis? For example you could have a Translate HTML button on the Mail Message window.

01/08/2003 12:48pm
In addition, I don't have the HTML plugin installed, so I was surprised to see the damn HTML rendered in spam messages.

01/08/2003 9:29pm
Scribe now has it's own HTML renderer, which you can switch off in the appearence options (default alternative).

This renderer is for simple content only and has absolutely no scripting or image fetch capabilies. So it's completely safe. I wouldn't have added it otherwise.
04/08/2003 1:43pm
Right on then, it scared me to suddenly see the HTML heh!

thanx Matt!