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Author/Date display problems with custom windows schemes
01/08/2003 12:30pm
Hello Matt, I use a customized windows scheme, one with black background & cyan or amber or green text since I code often and do plenty of latenight computer sessions. I despise the default white pseudo-paper windows background thing burning out my retinas, I feel like Gollum in the sunlight hah!

Anyway, I think it would be slick ifya could add background & foreground settings for InScribe which would be independent of the windows scheme. Another related problem is that I use a size 12 font under Display Settings, Appearance, Item, Icon. I use a bigger font because I have a 22" monitor and don't want to squint to see those tiny default fonts. InScribe is hardcoded around the default windows font size, so I only see the top portions of my font. It is a minor annoyance, since I have used InScribe for years and know my way around the settings anyway.


01/08/2003 9:27pm
You can refine all the colours used by Scribe with a Config File.

Also I'm working on a new way of specifing dialogs that is font sensitive, kinda like the GTK way of doing things. So that should be ready for v2 at least. I know it's not really great at the moment.
04/08/2003 2:11pm
thanx again Matt, the polishing touches sound great!