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Author/Date How to filter for substrings?
23/12/2012 6:12am

Sorry I have another problem.

It seems InScribe only performs an exact match even if I put the operator to 'contains'.

E.g. if I try to filter an incomming 'mail.From' with 'Contains' and '', it doesn't work. Only if I use '' instead, the match does hit! The same goes with other operators like 'begins with' and 'ends with'.

Question: What am I missing? Is it a bug? Or do I have to use wildcards or something?

23/12/2012 6:54am
I just downloaded and tested an older version (1.88) and found out, that this version works. Only the 'end with' operator doesn't work. 'Starts with' and 'Contains' do work. So it seems to be a heavy bug in 1.90.
26/12/2012 5:46pm
I've confirmed that v2 also works correctly. I'm not updating the old builds, you'll find the v2 builds much better in most regards. And they are stable enough for day to day use.
27/12/2012 6:49am
ok, but how to upgrade to version 2? I dont see any downlods of the full version. How do you handle upgrades for buyers of the full version in general?
27/12/2012 6:57am
I found it myself, jused used the link from the email. Sorry.
29/12/2012 2:24am
I installed the latest beta (v.2.0 43) and now filtering on substring works. But unfortunately the filering doesn't work on incomming mails at all! Only 'filter the current folder' does it.
The checkbox 'use this filter on: Incomming mail' is checked of course. As I understand this option causes incomming mails to be filtered automatically. The option 'Filters/ Disable filtering incomming mails' is not checked.
Still cannot use the program. Please help.