i.Scribe v2.1
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  • Linux:
    • Fixed the crash when hitting "Ok" or "Cancel" on the POP account preview window.
    • Fixed the use of freed memory in the code that opens a socket. This is a potential crash.
    • Fixed the POP3 account viewer taking 30 seconds to timeout when clicking "Cancel" on the download of headers. Linux's "select()" doesn't return immediately when the socket is closed in another thread. (Which works fine on Windows)
    • Implemented some basic printing support on Linux/GTK. This entailed a large rewrite of the printing support in LGI as GTK is more event driven, rather than procedural.
  • Mac:
    • Fixed the Contact preview panel. It was blank before because the template wasn't added to the resources.
    • Fixed the Contact images loading with weird colours. The image API returned "RGB" + skip 8 bits... so that's exactly what I did... however it then went and used those 8 bits as alpha. Stupid kCGImageAlphaNoneSkipLast.
    • Fixed the path to the Contact .png so it shows up in the preview panes of email and contacts.

    • Fixed IMAP OAUTH2 requesting authentication through the web interface every time it connects. It now will do that on the first time, or if the access token is rejected (e.g. expired).

    • Fixed inline elements in the HTML control painting over other inline elements. This would manifest as missing text mostly.
    • Fixed the handling of the universal selector '*' in the CSS engine. This would effect the display of HTML documents.
    • Added a "Repair" button to the mail store management dialog. Specifically for the mail3 backend which now can dump out the whole database to SQL and reload it into a new sqlite3 database. This is the official way to fix corrupt databases.

    • Improved the download of IMAP messages. Both the speed of the network read and the display of progress in the user interface. Now it doesn't slow down during larger email downloads.
    • Linux: fixed the contact browser window stealing focus from the recipient entry on the mail window. Also it's size is now correct.
    • Linux: fixed entry of email addresses in the Contact window.
    • Added more debug logging to the Aspell glue code. It will now spit out more errors and status to the console during dictionary install. The coverage of all the error cases should now be complete, so that if something goes wrong at least there is some message to track the problem with.
    • Linux: Fixed the Aspell support to work. This required lots of changes to the project that builds the Linux Aspell shared object and build fixes for the aspell glue code.

    • Fixed styles loaded mid HTML document not being applied to existing elements.
    • Improved the painting of rounded corners in the HTML control.
    • [Mac] Fixed the icons in the Filter conditions user interface. (Needed to used pre-multiplied alpha)
    • [Mac] Fixed the layout and painting of checkboxes and radio buttons inside radio groups. The spacing was weird and the text alignment off.
    • Fixed the emoji support putting lots of <br> tags into the HTML when viewing email.
    • Fixed some HTML image scaling issues.
    • Increased the max size of the mail preview text/HTML from 64KiB to 512KiB.
    • Fixed the ReplyTo header not being saved if the first entry is selected in the mail window.
    • [Linux/GTK] Fixed dragging and dropping email from the list view to a folder.
    • Fixed Bug #465: Cannot save message after adding a Label or Colour.
    • Added support for Emoji in the preview panel header (e.g. Email subject).
    • There is now a some progress reported during Mail3 compaction and it runs a lot faster than it used to.
    • Renewed the user interface for Contacts to a more modern layout. There is now an image associated with each contact. And that image can be displayed in the mail preview header when you receive email from that Contact. I'm hoping to also add some more Contact syncing with online services in the next 6 months. The addition of an image field in the Contact table requires a database schema update when you install this build.
    • Fixed stray single quotes messing up saving of email recipients in the mail3 database.
    • Fixed Bug #515: Crash after moving email with attachments from IMAP to Mail3.
    • Fixed Bug #505: Out of bound memory READ in IMAP fetch parser.
    • [Linux] Fixed resolving of domain names. Sometimes gethostbyname_r would fail with ERANGE (i.e. ask for more memory). So I added code to increase the buffer size and try again.

    • [Windows] Fixed the Aspell support by adding required files to the installer. Also making some changes to the code to handle portable/desktop install paths and a whole range of error reporting (via the console).
    • Fixed the capability bar buttons being all red. Now they are back to the normal grey colour. The CSS properties changed for the background colour.

    • [Windows] Fixed incorrect link dependency on the NTLM library.

    • Rewriting the plugins to use simpler APIs that remove their dependency on the Lgi DLL. So they can work with multiple versions of Scribe and not need updating all the time.
    • Changed the store3 API to support int64 for date / time stamps.
    • Removed support for the old mail2 database format. Its time to migrate everyone to mail3. If you have a mail2 database still, you'll have to migrate that to mail3 using a v2.0 build... then upgrade to v2.1.
    • Fixed loading of 16 colour PNG files.
    • Fixed the aspect ratio of images in the HTML control that only specify one dimension (width or height).
    • Fixed removal of multi-byte UTF-8 characters in attachment file names when using the Save As dialog.
    • Fixed some regions in the HTML control not being painted in subsequent updates.
    • [Mac] Fixed the application behaving as if the mouse was still clicked after the up click occurs off the main window.
    • Normalized the window position/zoom option file settings between the Win32Native and GTK code. I was doing some testing with the Gtk build using Visual C++ on windows (easier to debug that gdb) and the two builds stored different things in the options file.
    • Added some basic progress to the IMAP full implemenation. When you open the status panel and click on the IMAP account it'll show you how many commands it has to process. Also it now shows the KB/s data rate.
    • The IMAP accounts now support basic UI priority, so if you are downloading a large folder of mail and you click on a message, it loads almost immediately. Previously it would only show the message after it had downloaded the rest of the folder. By inserting download commands at the start of the job que instead of the end the code is more responsive to the user.
    • [Gtk] Added support for truncating strings with "...".
    • [Gtk] Fixed text drawing in the non-client area of windows (i.e. the borders).
    • [Gtk] Updated the window borders to a more modern look, including some focus effects for controls.
    • [Gtk] Fixed scroll bars not updating in controls when they are used as part of dialogs.
    • [Gtk] Fixed the font enumeration so that selecting a font using the dialog works.
    • [Linux] Fixed the edit boxes having no font to draw with. At least now they fall back to the system font and draw with that.
    • Fixed LDAP thread consumming 100% CPU on a core when it fails to connect to a server.
    • Added progress control to the component downloader.
    • [Gtk] Made the scrollbar button and slider border 1px wide instead of 2px. Looks more modern.
    • [Windows] Fixed the MAPI implementation to send a basic email. The build broke when I went to vs2008 and it's been broken ever since. None of the functions were exported correctly and the initialization didn't take into account portable/desktop mode. Now it should be fairly robust. And it even has proper logging of errors to 'ScribeMapiLog.txt' in the same folder as the exe/dll.
    • Fixed the options file getting deleted when Scribe hasn't fully started and needs to quit. This can occur during the MAPI send mail function. And probably other cases as well.
    • [Mac] Added native look and feel for the scroll bars.
    • [Mac+Linux] Fixed loading of auto-installed SSL libraries.
    • Increased size of HTML image URL buffer to 1k. Apparently 512 bytes is not enough for ebay image URLs. *sigh*
    • [Linux] Fixed reading apps associated with a MIME type.
    • [Gtk] Fixed fonts to render with the right font face.
    • Help now appears on the same monitor as the main window by default. Also fixed the clicking on the search results resulting in unstyled pages.
    • Rewrote the logging system. Instead of silently logging warnings and errors to 'Scribe.txt' the scripting console now functions as a easy to access way of seeing all logging (except SSL stuff). There is a new toolbar button that opens the console. This new button also changes it's look when there is no messages in the console. This hopefully means that relevant messages can be found be the user more easily. The location of the Scribe.txt file can actually be different depending on the write permissions in the Scribe executable folder.
    • [Mac] Fixed images attached to the cursor during drag and drop. Also added little icons to the drag operation (for Mail, Contacts, Filters and Calendar Events thus far).
    • [Mac] Fixes a crash when displaying HTML with very long URL images.
    • Fixed labels not being saved between sessions when set with a filter.
    • Fixed the leave on server setting defaulting to false when opening the UI.
    • Find window now defaults to using the "and" operator between each search term. Which is more useful.
    • Find window now defaults to opening over the main window.
    • Fixed CSS parsing to put all @media rules in their own silo and not randomly use those rules at the wrong time.
    • Added options to bayesian spam filter to "delete attachment" and "delete spam from server", defaulting to Off. These were previously on by default and not adjustable.
    • Fixed the SMTP port setting not being used.
    • Fixed a hang in the selection of HTML font sizes by pixel height for larger sizes.
    • Fixed HTML table cell calculation to put the border and padding outside the content size.
    • Refactored the async image loading to not crash when the HTML control is closed.
    • [Mac] Fixed the item filter to work correctly.
    • [Max] Fixed tab characters not rendering correctly.
    • Re-enabled the HTML edit control in release build.
    • Fixed the positioning on the cursor in the HTML control to prefer the text on the same line as the click. Before it was trying to find the nearest text, which could sometimes be on the next or previous line.
    • Added menu item under the 'edit' menu to switch between the HTML and plain text editor.
    • Fixed extraction of HTML from source email during the creation of the HTML reply body`.
    • Changed the size limit of the email preview headers to be implemented via a 'max-height' CSS style in the HTML template instead of hard coded into the exe. This allows users to customize the height of the headers if need be.
    • Fixed the attachment save code to strip out new line and tab characters as well.
    • Fixed dragging items from the Find results window to an email (to attach as files).
    • [Mac] Fixed dragging multiple items as files.
    • [Win] Fixed implementation of MAPISendMail to create new email with the UI enabled to send.
    • Fixed the list view sometimes scrolling all the way to the bottom when selecting a folder in the main window.
    • Fixed Reply-To header not being used iauto-generated and an explorer window is opened to browse to that file after printing.
    • Fixed re-ordering of Mail3 folders with drag and drop. Particularly system folders like the Inbox and Outbox etc.
    • Added some very basic support for printing Contacts and Calendar Events. Basically just a list of fields. But it's better than nothing. There will be more advanced support for "pretty printing" later.
    • New scripting methods available:
      • On a List object: list.Sort([ObjectFieldName]). Lists of strings and integers don't need any parameter. But if you have objects, you need to provide a field name for the objects to be sorted on.
      • On a Filter object: filter.AddCondition(Field, Op, Value). The new condition is inserted in the list under the root "And" or "Or" node.
      • On a Contact Group object: group.AddAddress(Email). The new address is inserted in the contact group if not already present.
    • Calendar:
      • Fixed Bug #525: Can't save Calendar events.
      • Calendar events can now be created in the non-default mail store. Assuming there is more than one mail3 back-end loaon, Checkbox, Radio groups and Combo box. The fix was moving the whole build to using UNICODE. Which might break Win9x support. We'll see.
      • Fixed positioning of Combo boxes in the advanced options.
      • [Windows] Fixed the layout and initialization of the font selection dialog.
      • [Windows] Fixed saving of enum values in the advanced options.
      • Added code to display "(no vt. Able to handle mixtures of attachments, HTML alternatives with related images, etc.
      • [Windows] Made the installer create an uninstaller entry in the Control Panel.
      • [Windows] The installer now groups the uninstall and start menu items into the "Desktop Mode" section. Meaning if you de-select Desktop Mode you'll get a clean portable install.
      • Fixed some HTML layout issues related to tables with spanned cells that specify non-dynamic widths wider than the available layout space.
      • The IMAP folders now use a more efficient method of reading and writing their meta data. The write also is now threaded which gives control back to the UI thread quickly resulting in less UI pauses during IMAP usage.
      • Added UI for the ReplyTo header in the main window.
      • Fixed the behavior of HTML image loading to load images if the default is on in the appearance options OR the mail is set to load images manually. Previously the per mail setting had little effect.
      • Fixed email with multiple HTML non-utf8 mime segments rendering with the wrong charset. There is now code to explicitly convert all segments to utf-8 before display.
      • [Mac] Fixed buttons getting clicked even if you drag the mouse off the button before releasing the button.
      • [Win] Improved the handling of tips displaying the URL of multiple links.
      • Fixed dropping contacts on to a group window.
      • Fixed the missing margin and vertical label layout of the group window.
      • Updated the emoji support to handle a much larger range of icons. There is also now am internal tool for updating the supported character table. So hopefully that means more regular updates.
      • Fixed the POP3 account preview window to save it's position and columns in a less buggy way.