Controller Update
Date: 16/6/2011
Tags: axefx
Last night I got some time to work on the MIDI controller testing. The problem I was left with is that the parameter knobs were not working, so I started with printing out the current value for param0 on the LCD and it was always 1023 (the maximum value) no matter what voltage was supplied on the input pin. So I teared down all the setup code and checked that I was doing everything right in the software... which after an hour or so of re-reading all the docs... yes; I'm doing everything right. Ok that leaves hardware. So I measured the voltage on the input pin again... yup that's right too. *sigh* Then I notice there is a "VREF" pot on the AVR stamp... wonder what that does? Tweak tweak... oooh look the value on the LCD is finally changing! Seems that VREF pot on the stamp is controlling something to do with the way the AVR reads values on it's analog in pins, so I'll have to write that into the documentation to set correctly when assembling the kit. So hurrah the parameters are all working pretty much correctly and I can test the new menu code on the hardware. I'm getting close to being done with the testing. All that remains is hooking up the MIDI sockets and checking the right messages get sent and received.
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