Mobile Phone Development?
Date: 23/9/2008
The current state of affairs in the Apple iPhone App Store is just enough to keep me from diving into doing mobile phone apps. Currently I'm waiting for Android to show up and see how it works on actual hardware before committing to anything platform wise. My old v3x is the most abominable piece of crap I've ever had to live with, it promises things and then takes them away because they don't work. Whereas the simple text mode phone I had before that didn't promise much but delivered in spades (old Nokia).

So the iPhone was on the top of my list of possible replacement phones. But there are a few too many limitations in the iPhone for me to be happy with it. I did actually play with one in person a week ago for the first time. And it's amazing sure, it's even "The Future(tm)" that we like to joke about. Definitely a long way ahead of the competition, who aren't even in the same ball park. But Google have a reputation for doing things right and well, maybe they'll pull off a miracle and bring a series competitive devices out via their partners. It's a really good sign that they use the same Webkit back end for HTML rendering. And from what I hear the whole system is designed to be very flexible. Something that most phone vendors DO NOT GET. Which is very refreshing to see.

If Apple cleaned up their act with the App Store and made the iPhone do MMS I'd be there with bells on, till then it's wait and see.... wait and see.
23/09/2008 4:05pm
I'm also looking forward to possibly getting rid of my old BlackBerry and moving to one of the Android phones. The vendor lock-in on the iPhone is just too much for me. I've been visiting to find information about this new T-Mobile device, but details are scarce.
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