Scribe v1.89 Stable
Date: 23/8/2007
I've made a branch in svn for v1.89 stable based on test20. Apart from one user I've had no reports of major issues. I'll update the translations one last time and release v1.89 stable.

So in the trunk code I'm trying to move towards a cleaner storage architecture so that I can incorporate a new file system based mail/contacts storage. At the moment my idea is that email gets downloaded to a single file (.eml) and then at some point later gets "compacted" into a blob of mails. Which is typically maybe a MB of email in one file. This means you can delete an email and reclaim the disk space used without having to copy more than a MB of data. The mail store directory would mostly be 10's or 100's of "blob" files where all the email reside, some .eml files that havn't been packed into a blob yet and some indexes into the whole thing for fast searching and so on. It's kind of a mix of the MBOX and MDIR ideas, with I think the benefits of both.

The current storage API is not going to map onto that easily so I'm trying to work out the route of least resistance to get that working. I still havn't figured out how the indexing will work. I'd love to get rid of the flaky mime parser the current system uses and start using the new parser for both reading and writing email. But I might leave that so that I don't have too much going on in the code.

That said, I still have trouble with my RSI these days and can't type much. It's not that I don't want to work on the code, but more of a case that I can't do much without endangering my health. I wish I could move faster on these issues but I can't. Sorry.
27/08/2007 2:33am
You are too young to be having repetitive strain injury!
29/08/2007 8:33am
I would suggest to release a test 21 before releasing the stable v1.89. I would like to test the issues like bug #159 and correct font displaying. Thanks. Pavel
29/08/2007 9:45pm
I fixed bug 159 this morning. But I'm not sure what you're referring to by "correct font displaying".
30/08/2007 9:59am
Thanks for correction the bug #159. I have sent you a more detailed description about "correct font displaying" via email. In principle it is about the partial overlapping of the cursor with some font characters. Pavel
06/09/2007 1:55am
Hey, Fret... don't forget to add the option to disable time zone corrections!
07/09/2007 8:50am
I didn't get to fix it for test21, ran out of time.

But it'll be in the stable release, which at this stage will be based on test21 with a few tweaks here and there.
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