Memecode Apps On Intel Macs
Date: 18/12/2006
Seriously, so porting to the Intel Mac has been as easy as pie, I've changed about 5 lines of code and i.Ftp starts, runs and shuts down as well as it does on the PPC machine I have. There are some issues with displaying of pixels from the toolbar.gif file that I havn't gotten to the bottom of yet but all I needed was a few byte ordering #ifdef's in the graphics library and everything just works. Universal binaries here we come! Plus I said that I would get an alpha working sometime in Jan. And I'll be taking time off over Christmas / New Year so I'll get a chance to work on it again.

Oh, yeah, btw I bought a C2D white Macbook 2.0ghz for our Christmas prez. It kicketh thine butte.
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