2 Steps Forward - 1 Step Back
Date: 17/3/2006
Well I got Scribe's bayesian rebuild memory footprint down to a mere 300mb instead of a whole 1gb this morning. Which is kinda on par to what it used to do. Still I think that is excessive and I'm going to play around with it some more when time permits. However it's no longer a big (pun intented) enough issue to prevent a v1.89 release. Just one little crash in the Btree code to sort out ;). I'm a little disappointed with how much I've got done in the months since v1.88 final but I guess all of you that emailed me questions and support issues are glad that I answered your mail, fixed your issues or at least had a look into whatever it was that was vexing you, right?

Notable blips on the support radar are non-functioning autozip plugin (partial fix is to more the DLL's into the Scribe.exe folder), more GPG relative path issues (ongoing) and the usual mix of "can't connect" type problems.

Not to mention in the meantime I've updated quite a few of my other apps (i.Mage and i.File come to mind) to fix annoying bugs (i.Ftp is next). And looked after my family and rested up a bit. And speaking of rest, tonight I'm taking off so that I can catch up with some of my friends and watch my new DVD:

Update: Well I was getting some screwy numbers out of the bayesian filter... and I tracked it back to case sensitivity in the Btree keys. E.g. adding 'This' to the Btree would delete the value stored for 'this'. So I made all the keys case-insensitive which suits my needs by changing all the calls to 'strcmp' to 'stricmp'. Now the filter is working as well as the old text file way of doing it. I still have that nagging crash I saw this morning and a memory overwrite this afternoon that worry me (probably the same thing). So I'll get it building on Linux and valgrind the sucker. That should be a few hours work but it'll show up the bug for sure. Then we're ready to roll with v1.89-test1.
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