Date: 6/9/2004
Over the weekend we had a bit of a hail storm, it coated everything in a layer of ice. Fortunately not large enough to dint all the cars, but lots of fun for the kids.

It was so cold that there was still pockets of ice lying around in the morning. Maya hasn't seen snow or hail before so I took her out to play after the rain had stopped. For her it was just 'another' new thing, because everything is new for her it wasn't a big deal. But she did learn a few new words: 'snow' and 'hail' after hearing all the adults talk about it. Very cute.
Edwin Steele
06/09/2004 11:08pm
Nice red Honda. I'm glad it wasn't one of the cars that was dinted!
Matthew Allen
07/09/2004 12:20am
Edwin: Your 'glad' it wasn't dinted! I was positively overjoyed! ;)
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