Time Out
Date: 25/8/2004
Over the last weekend I took the family a few hours drive up the coast to my parents place where we were busy doing nothing for 5 days. A much needed break away from city life.

But of course I did play with computers while for a little while. My Dad has got a new HD for his laptop and well it was my sworn duty ;) to install it into the laptop after migrating the data over from the old disk. 3 hours later I gave up because the desktop available to me was so old that it couldn't cope with the new laptop drive, it was just too large. Ok so I was a little optimistic trying to put a 40gb drive into a P133 but one can try.

During our stay we headed up to the vineyards area, caught a movie (I, Robot... soso) and ate a lot of good food. I even did a little practise on my acoustic which was very relaxing.

And my dear little daughter, Maya, now approaching 2 years of age, has been learning words at an increasing rate. She's just reaching that point of being able to 'learn' words that we teach her as opposed to just blurting them out and surprising us. It's fascinating watching a person develop from a baby.

Anyway if you didn't hear back from me recently, thats why :)
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