Windows File Associations
Date: 19/5/2004
For the last week or so everytime I double click a GIF file it opens in Microsoft Photo Editor instead of i.Mage, which is the application actually associated with GIF files. So I through I'd fire up XpAssociate and 'fix' the association. Well it didn't work did it!

So I wasted another hour of my life fixing XpAssociate to know about another weird place that windows looks in the registry BEFORE actually using the application associated with a file.

Where do Microsoft get off making it so frickin hard to make the wrong application open to view a file? It's not that hard but Microsoft manage to royally screw it up beyond belief.

What XpAssociate needs now is a "watcher" mode that sits there and "repairs" the registry everytime some lameo application installes itself ahead of your prefered application. Maybe it could have a "delete application" mode that removes an app if it steps on your associations. Except it would end up wanting to delete Windows. *sigh*
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