Scribe 3.2
Date: 11/10/2023
Tags: scribe
So I've released Scribe v3.2, not so much because I finished testing all the things, but because I need some usability feedback. And it's been too long since a release.

Somewhat disappointingly the size of the Linux build seems to have grown alarmingly without any good reason:

Yeah that's not a typo. And I have looked into it, all the basics like "is the binary built with -Os?" and "is the binary striped?" etc. And nothing obvious stands out. I would love a second opinion on this... just to sanity check the Linux build and see if I'm doing anything dumb?
04/11/2023 8:38pm
Ok so I got to the bottom of this today. It was indeed debugging information, coming from a global "-g" flag that I missed. Surprisingly though the "strip" command doesn't remove the debugging info and leaves the size of the binary unchanged. Disappointing. Anyway I've updated my makefiles and the code that generates them, and the AppImage size is down to 11mb give or take. Which is plausible considering the Mac build is 13.
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