Scribe 2.1
Date: 27/10/2015
Tags: scribe
Well it's been most of a year since I said anything about Scribe v2.1, and the list of changes hasn't moved forward much in that time. There are a few reasons for the slow progress, but it mostly boils down to:
  • Working on various music projects, including a audio/video mix down of a band that shot a live set earlier in the year and a cover of New Day.
  • Working on the MC2 foot controller.
  • And the old RSI is back to haunt me.

Anyway there is some good news. The integration of Aspell is complete. Scribe v2.1 will come pre-loaded with a spell check and it will download and install dictionaries on the fly with no user intervention. Well you'll need an internet connection for that part, but once installed it'll work offline.

Secondly I'm in the middle of doing a fairly thorough rewrite of the Help files. Which includes fixing some things in the HTML rendering. Reviewing all the parts of the application that have "Help" buttons (or should have "Help" buttons) and making sure they work correctly. Updating all the pages with current information. It's actually a big slab of work. Lots of cross referencing things and checking the UI and source code so I accurately describe the functionality. I'm not much of a tech writer so it's tedious for me.

Anyway there is now a beta release online for v2.1. I look forward to getting feedback on what works and what doesn't.
03/12/2015 2:37pm
I've waited for long time ago for Linux version. I purchased the v1 key about 10 years ago.
03/12/2015 2:49pm
Well I'm glad you spoke up. If no one hassles me about a Linux version I think that no one wants it. It does work pretty well and I've even started constructing an installer script to start testing it on clean Ubuntu systems. The initial release will be more of a portable zip rather than a debian package or anything like that.

However the current code base needs a v2 key. I'll put a build up on the weekend for you to try out.
05/12/2015 3:23am
Thanks for your great working hard, I've upgrade to v2 for your build. But I'm using Arch Linux :D
06/12/2015 4:58pm
Arch Linux :D
I started installing it last night and it wasn't straight forward... :(

I'll put the commands I use to install the dependencies in a readme for you. The main ones are Gtk2, OpenSSL, libjpeg, libpng and aspell. Most of which should eventually be self installable from within Scribe. However that won't work for OpenSSL out of the box. At least until I fix the hosted builds of the library. Stupid RPATH.

Yesterday I fixed the Gtk2 drag and drop so you can move email from the list view into a folder (amongst other things). I consider that the last show stopper bug to get to a release. Will zip something up tonight and put it online.
08/12/2015 4:28am
Thanks, you're working hard to make it avaiable on Linux, seem just only for me. If you've installed Arch Linux, do you have AUR helper like pacaur or yaourt, these tools to hepl you install 100% parkages which avaiable for Linux or not, this only available on Arch Linux.
08/12/2015 6:54am
I have a bootable system with network now, and I started installing xorg + gnome. I'm assuming you're using xorg and some display manager? Which one?

So I've almost got it running enough to test Scribe on. It's a good chance to confirm it's portability across different Linux distros. But I'm quite busy this week so I have limited time. Next week however I have lots of time.

pacaur or yaourt
I'll read up about these.
08/12/2015 6:19pm
I'm using Arch + XFCE but it's also work if you build it on Gnome. Just do it as you want because I can waiting for it as long as possible :D
23/12/2015 2:14pm
I haven't done any testing on a non-dev box yet, but I've uploaded a linux build of i.Scribe and InScribe.

My arch install is still CLI only at the moment... but I will see if I can get xorg running and then what happens when I try the linux build of Scribe.
23/12/2015 8:07pm
Thanks, It's worked like charm, I'm testing it and plan to moving from ThunderBird
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