Scribe Gmail Support
Date: 24/4/2015
Tags: scribe
So Google have changed the authentication support for Gmail again, breaking the ability for Scribe to log in to any of the Gmail related services. Which means I'm going to have to put aside the v2.1 work temporarily to work on getting one of the support authentication methods working in Scribe.

The options are:
  • XOAUTH: Seems deprecated.
  • XOAUTH2: Probably the best bet at this point.
  • PLAIN: Despite it being listed as "supported" it doesn't actually work. It errors out and gives you some HTTP link in the server response. They really should remove it from the list.
  • PLAIN-CLIENTTOKEN: Well this one is weird... there is literally no documentation anywhere on what it is. Otherwise I'd be persuing this as a simpler option than XOAUTH2.
I'll try and keep this post updated with progress on that front.

The list of all official SASL mechanisms is here. PLAIN-CLIENTTOKEN is not mentioned at all. I wonder what implements that? Also of note, both XOAUTH and XOAUTH2 are marked "OBSOLETE". Nice one Google, supporting only obsolete, undocumented or non-functional authentication methods.
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