Lgi Configuration
This page describes the Lgi configuration file. It allows the user to customize the options that the library supplies whether or not the application using the library gives you access to those options. Basically their are 3 things you can configure at the moment, the fonts, the language and the the colours.

The syntax of the file is based around JSON, and as such it's a simple text file that you can create with any text editor. However Lgi will create a template with all the empty options the current version supports.

File location:
Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\MemecodeLgi\lgi.json
Linux: /home/username/.config/lgi.json
Mac: /Users/username/Library/MemecodeLgi/lgi.json
Haiku: /boot/home/config/settings/lgi.json

The options:
"Fonts": {
    "Comment": "Fonts are specified in the : format.",
    "GlyphSub": "1",
    "PointSizeOffset": "0",
    "SystemFont": "-",
    "BoldFont": "-",
    "MonoFont": "-",
    "SmallFont": "-",
    "CaptionFont": "-",
    "MenuFont": "-"
  • GlyphSub: turns on substitution of characters from other fonts.
  • PointSizeOffset: applies a fixed size offset to all fonts.
  • *Font: a "fontFace:pointsize" value for that given font.
"Language": "code"
  • "code" is an IETF language tag:
    • 'en' = English
    • 'ja' = Japanese
    • 'fr' = French
    • etc etc
"Colours": {
    "Comment": "Use CSS hex definitions here, ie #RRGGBB in hex.",
    "L_TRANSPARENT": "-",
    "L_BLACK": "-",
    "L_DKGREY": "-",
    "L_MIDGREY": "-",
    "L_LTGREY": "-",
    "L_WHITE": "-",
    "L_SHADOW": "-",
    "L_LOW": "-",
    "L_MED": "-",
    "L_HIGH": "-",
    "L_LIGHT": "-",
    "L_DIALOG": "-",
    "L_WORKSPACE": "-",
    "L_TEXT": "-",
    "L_FOCUS_SEL_BACK": "-",
    "L_FOCUS_SEL_FORE": "-",
    "L_NON_FOCUS_SEL_BACK": "-",
    "L_NON_FOCUS_SEL_FORE": "-",
    "L_ACTIVE_TITLE": "-",
    "L_INACTIVE_TITLE": "-",
    "L_MENU_TEXT": "-",
    "L_TOOL_TIP": "-"
"Linux": {
    "Keys": {
        "Shift": "GDK_SHIFT_MASK",
        "Ctrl": "GDK_CONTROL_MASK",
        "Alt": "GDK_MOD1_MASK",
        "System": "GDK_SUPER_MASK",
        "Debug": "0"
    "Mouse": {
        "Left": "1",
        "Middle": "2",
        "Right": "3",
        "Back": "8",
        "Forward": "9"
Configures how the linux build will use GDK events. Most of the time the defaults are ok but in situations where you need to do some mapping, this is where you would.