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Author/Date can't run test9
Chen Cheng
26/02/2003 8:31am
When I run test9,a dialogue appears.
Fatal error:Couldn't get the path of the running executable.
Can't find resource file.
What can I do? Help me!
26/02/2003 4:36pm
What is that full path name of the directory that your running Scribe.exe from?

What OS version are you running?
Chen Cheng
26/02/2003 11:14pm
My OS is Win98 SE.
27/02/2003 12:57pm
I allways try to avoid such problems.
I like the zip format because I simply overwrite
just the newer files (usually 4, sometimes a gif)
I have luckily been able to overwrite to older
versions and back again without problems (all files
EXCEPT the folders.mail2 and scribe.r which contain
my mail and settings).
I usually keep about 3 or 4 versions and overwrite
back and forth also between my W2K desktop and my
12MB Windows 95 486 laptop from 1994.
27/02/2003 6:21pm
Ok, I think I know why it's not working.

What regional settings do you have set?
Ie what country and language does windows have in the keyboard/regional settings?

I think some of the codepages that windows supports are in the underlying text engine that Scribe uses. I've added them now, but they won't appear till the next version.

You could try setting your language to english and your country to the USA and see if it starts working. I wouldn't be surprised if it did. Then change it back after...
Chen Cheng
28/02/2003 9:05am
My system language is Simplified Chinese.
Chen Cheng
28/02/2003 9:21am
I set my language to english and my country to the USA.
But it can't start working.
V1.67 can run on my computer,but I don't know how to change the language.
28/02/2003 7:45pm
Ok, thats what I expected.

I've written some fixes into the charset support and I'll test them tonight sometime. Test10 should work properly.

Thanks for responding.