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Author/Date Importing Mail in UNIX MBOX format doesnt work
23/02/2003 12:37pm
here's what I did:

-exported mails from "The Bat!" in UNIX MBOX format
-imported the mbox file to my iScribe "Inbox" folder

but instead of listing all the imported mails separately, all the emails are stored in one big email in my Inbox folder!

any way to fix this?
23/02/2003 12:41pm
sorry, forgot to note that, I'm using XP Pro.
25/03/2003 10:15am
As an addendum, when I exported from Becky 2 and imported into Scribe, some emails (the HTML ones I think) were competely blank.
25/03/2003 6:15pm
This is likely some bug in the importer code. I think I know what it could be, but I'd like to see the file your trying to import so that I can test the code on it.

Any chance you could send me the original MBOX file zipped up?

How big is it?

PS I don't look at the content, and I delete material after I have have fixed any bugs. But I'm not asking you to trust me. Just do what you feel is right.