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20/02/2003 7:11pm
ok I've been using Scribe for quite a long time now, and I have to say it's the only email client that I've found that has been able Outlook Express for more than about a week.... Scribe has done over 6 months in fact.

But do I wait for version 2 to buy it or do I show my support now? I know it sounds cheap, but will there be a discount for those people that have purchased 1.x versions to upgrade to 2.x?

I don't buy much software, but this, I definitely see as something I would like to support by buying a licenced copy.

Any advice? :)

Maybe I'd like to see some kind of incentive apart from the extra features.. perhaps priority feature requests on paying users? But then you're treading on dodgy grounds regarding the Open Source GPL, which I'm not exactly an expert on anyway ;)

Bleh - i'm babbling.
20/02/2003 7:12pm
...that has been *able to replace Outlook Express*...

Gah, my fingers can't keep up when im thinking.
20/02/2003 7:24pm
I'm looking at doing v2 soonish. I'll have to anyway I'm up to 86 of 100... so I've been thinking of pricing the upgrade at about $6-7 USD. It's not really worth it any less... in fact the amount of transaction costs doesn't make upgrades worth it.

So I'm not decided on how it's going to work as a business level.

Maybe there is a better payment system out there. Or I could become a VISA merchant myself. But it's lots of hassle.

Still there is a rather large issue I have to resolve to get v2 out the door. I want to rewrite the folder format (again) to fix issues with referencing between objects and make it more robust and faster than before. Maybe add some indexing for really fast global searching and so on. So all that should take me a few months at least. So no v2 till that happens.
03/03/2003 4:16pm
have you considered having a larger one-time registration fee and then giving the registered users lifetime upgrades?