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Author/Date Calendar problems.
AJ Chase
20/02/2003 12:15pm
First off, EXCELLENT work. I've been looking for a GOOD email client with a calendar to replace [Dark] Outlook. Thank you for this project.

I'm using the latest version 1.86 (Build 18 Feb). The only trouble I'm having with it is the calendar. It doesn't seem to record entries I make into the calendar. I set the start and end times, give a subject, location, click SAVE then SAVE & CLOSE and it disappears. It's not just a visual oddity, because the reminder doesn't fire either.

I searched the Forum posts to see if this had been brought up before, but couldn't find anything. I apologize if this is an old issue, but any help would really be appriciated.

Thank you for a great alternative to an M$ product.


20/02/2003 6:30pm
Have a look in the calendar folder (in the main folder tree). Are there any items in there?

Also what have you got in the Calendar View's configure window?
AJ Chase
22/02/2003 5:55pm
Hmm...there is no calendar folder in the iscride dir (that's where I installed it)

I tried the monthyl view and the weekly view...I see nothing. It's as thought when I hit the "save n close" button, the event just disappears.

Should I manually create a calendar folder?

Thank you.

AJ Chase
22/02/2003 6:03pm
My bad....I thought you meant file folders....I just figured out you meant mail-list folder in the program.

Yes, the entries ARE there. I also figured out that you have to CONFIGURE the calendar to look at the Calendar folder (which seems like it should by default, anyway).

Ok...yes, now that I've Configured, they show up now....

I was assuming it would know where to look when I installed it. You probably have the Config steps in a readme file and I just didn't look for it.

Thank you for your help.

22/02/2003 8:40pm
By default it is configured to read the correct folder but you must've lost that along the way.

Nevertheless I'll check it all again before I release the next build to make sure all the defaults are in the right place.