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17/02/2003 11:06am
It's realy unstable on my PC, I'm moving emails between folders, It's crashing. My Os is Windows 2K.
17/02/2003 6:29pm
I'm sure I fixed something like this in an earlier test of v1.86... what's the build date of the version your running?

Also If you want to report crash data to me please use:

Send the crashdata.txt file back to me after reproducing the crash.

18/02/2003 7:20am
Well I took the vesion you tell me.

I was using Item Filter tool :

I typed a text in FROM field to filter email, and when I clicked on the first email in the list, i.scribe crashed.
It hapen sometimes.

Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005

Call stack:

18/02/2003 2:45pm
I am impressed by this software - so much so that I'm considering buying the comercial version. I do, however have a silly problem showing up. I downloaded all my emails over the past year into one folder (1800 emails) and Im finding I can't mark "Read" - have I not yet found that feature or does it not exist? Secondly, when I use the next message button within an email it seems to jump all over the place rather than go to the next in the list - have I missed something in setting it up?

Well done on a great piece of software!


18/02/2003 7:15pm
Right clicking an email shows the popup to 'Mark as Read'. Ctrl-A selects all the mail in the folder, so doing this and then right-clicking and selecting 'mark as read' will do the whole folder :)