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03/04/2002 8:19am
Two questions :

1. When I have a couple of read e-mails in my inbox folder and have my e-mails to sort by "Date" and recieve new e-mails, they first appear at the bottom, and then jump up to the top (which is where I want them), why?

2. As a probably soon-to-be registered user, I wonder if the same thing I mention above, also applies to the filter function? Outlook (not Express) have that problem where e-mails first comes into the inbox 1 sec or so before getting moved into it's filtered folder, it's a trivial thing but annoying.
03/04/2002 9:49am
IMHO it's very common to email clients. Firstly, they recieve mail and put it into INBOX. Secondly, they do all the processing neccessary, that is: filtering, sorting, and so on.
03/04/2002 7:10pm
Yup, thats what happens, the email is first downloaded to the inbox and then all the filters and sorting are run.

Is it really that bad?

I guess I could run the filters on each email as it's received. It's just extra work changing the code, when I could be bug fixing or adding features.
04/04/2002 5:59am
It's not THAT bad, having it instant would be much prefered, but not at the cost of anything else.

What I need the filter for is to construct some basic spam filters (in addition to the regular filters), and when I get 10+ spam mails everytime I check and they first come into the inbox, it in a sense loose some of it's functionality (which should be to completely move them out of my sight until I choose to sort through them).

Does the filter function work pretty much like the Outlook one? So I can have a filter that moves all mails with [list of words] in to a specific folder.

Spam filter is something i'd like to see in some future xScribe version, just a simple one would suffice.
04/04/2002 5:18pm
Each filter has:
a) a list of conditions.
b) a list of actions.

Each condition can be and'ed or or'ed together. However you can't mix both operators in the one filter.

A condition is a field operator value type arrangment.. see the Inscribe screen shots on the site.

Each action is applied in order if all the conditions are met. Actions include:
- move to folder
- delete
- print
- play sound
- open email
- execute process
- set colour
- set read

An argument to the action can be supplied, but it changes meaning with each type of action. So the argument for move to folder is of course the folder to move to. For play sound it'll be the sound file to play etc.

Hope this helps.