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14/02/2003 10:10am
Hello Matthew,and other readers
Finally I found your email program.
I.scribe v1.84
Similar to IE, simple and fast.
Not vulnerable to infections, great.
I have a minor problem:
All screens show grids around text, buttons and windows???
I use a pentium 166 computer with W98 2nd ed
and a Matrox millenium video card.
All other programs from Microsoft are OK
And on my ancient Compaq 486 it also looks -normal-
Any suggestions??
Best regards, Jaap.
14/02/2003 10:34pm
This sounds like a bug in the graphics driver. Becuase it only ever seems to happen on really old old machines. I've only ever seen screenshots of it. So I wouldn't know how to fix it.
15/02/2003 5:02am
I keep trying.
Thanks anyway!
Best regards, Jaap.
15/02/2003 9:37pm
I'd have a look for a more up to date version of your graphics card's driver on the manufacture's website.

18/02/2003 9:45am
Just done that
I will keep you posted.

19/02/2003 2:19am
Image is perfect now
Thanks to your hint