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14/02/2003 2:46am

first i want to say that i.Scribe is a very good prgram ... i like to use it.

But since i change my web-account to I often has problems by receiving Mails.

+OK WEB.DE POP3-Server
USER fober
+OK Bitte Kennwort eingeben/enter password
PASS *******
-ERR Zeitabstand zwischen zwei Logins unterschritten (FreeMail: 15 min, Club: 1 min)/minpoll timelimit

i get this message ... but if take an pop3-sniffer like magic-mail-monitor i can poll the emails.

what can it be.

Thanks for helping

14/02/2003 5:49am
It looks like your mail server has a minimum time interval between POP3 connections. I'd advise setting your auto-download to say 16 minutes so that it doesn't go under the time allowed.

If you switch on "download mail on start" and never use the manual connect it should work every time.
14/02/2003 6:23am
thanks a lot ...