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Author/Date Can't send mail. Help!
10/02/2003 2:30pm
Receiving is working fine but whenever I click send, the following message pops up:

Server error message:
554 5.5.0 No recipients have been specified.

Any idea what's going on? If I can't get this working I'm going to have to abandon i.Scribe, but I really don't want to do that. This e-mail client is so efficient...

Oh, and is there plans for a Netscape mail import utility?
10/02/2003 6:39pm
Have a look in the mail in the outbox, you need to have some destination addresses in the area beside the label "recipients".

Otherwise you get that sort of error message.
11/02/2003 12:42am
Yeah, I have recipients. I'm thinking maybe there is more than one protocol for sending and receiving mail, and my isp isn't using the same one as iScribe? I don't know, I've hardly worked with client/server code.

Is there anything else it could be?
11/02/2003 1:09am
Yes, sometimes the server rejects the recipients you supply because of it's spamming protection rules.

Read the status log after attempting to send the mail and it might even tell you why the recipient(s) were rejected. Open the status window, send.. click on the outgoing account, click on the log tab. Right click to copy to clipboard if you want to export the log data.

Typically these sort of rules reject connections from outside the local network and / or reject non-local addresses if the server doesn't consider you to be "local". There is more about this in the Scribe FAQ.
11/02/2003 8:23pm
Alright, problem solved! Turns out something had messed up with the Contact I set up and it was sending the Contact folder name as the recipient instead of the contacts themselves. That's what I get for using a feature that hasn't been implemented yet!

Thanks. :)