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Author/Date still problems with 'no date' and contacts...
06/02/2003 12:48pm
hi Matthew,
I've those problems even with 1.86... about 'no date' in some of sent messages I've not found any ideas about why and when but in some computers I've a lot of sent messages with 'no date'.
Regarding contacts I found that I'm able to add contacts when I'm working with WXP/W2K but the same program in W9x environment doesn't let me add any contacts.
Any ideas ?
Many thanks in advance!
Best regards

Mike Newton
27/02/2003 9:43am
I've got this problem as well, it has been here for a long time! I think about 5-10% of my outgoing messages have no date. Still doesn't stop me from using the software of course.
27/02/2003 4:45pm
Angelo, have you tried test 9?

There is a fix in there that should solve the adding email addresses to contacts problem.
27/02/2003 6:25pm

I think the date sent not being set is because the mail object isn't saved straight after it's sent, so if for whatever reason Scribe exits without saving changed objects (crash or other?) then the sent date doesn't get written to disk.

So what I've done is forced the object to save itself straight after being sent, so that in the event of a unexpected exit the object is up to date.

We'll keep an eye on it, if it still keeps happening then I'll have to open that issue again.