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Author/Date v2.2x Win7 64: Use secure...?
08/02/2011 2:15pm
Under File>Options>Settings>Accounts>Properties>Receive there's a button way down at the bottom.
My computer seems to have some graphic rendering problems with some programs, so part of this button, and its label, is cut off. The name of the button begins with Use secure...
Is the entire label supposed to read "Use secure password authentication", or what?
Thanks for any help.
08/02/2011 2:40pm
It reads "Use secure authentication:".

If you can provide a screenshot I'd be interested in seeing what you're talking about.

By looking at the current code I think it leads the client to issue the "AUTH" and "CAPA" pop3 commands and then it's supposed to do GSSAPI authentication. But the code was never implemented, just a comment referencing the RFC.

The main issue is that I'm not in a position to implement GSSAPI directly and none of the libraries that claim to support GSSAPI can be integrated in to Scribe for either technical or license reasons. And I've tried a bunch, because I need GSSAPI to log into exchange at one of the locations I use Scribe. So it's not for lack of trying.

If someone was to come up with a valid way of integrating GSSAPI I'd definitely take it seriously and spend some time trying to integrate it.
09/02/2011 1:34pm
Thanks Matthew,
I'm going to email you a screen shot.
Personally, seeing all of that button is not important to me, as long as I know what it is, and can see enough to click it if I ever need to. The thing is, there's nothing on it in the v2.28 Help file.
Like I said, yours is not the only program that I've had graphic rendering problems with, and they started when I migrated to Win7 64 from XP. May be just a glitch in my system setup. I suspect it has something to do with .net framework incompatibilities.
Anyway, sounds like Use Secure Authentication is not something I need anyway. I've tried my connection settings with and without, and it seems to make no difference. But since I am having some problems in that regard, I did want to know something about what that was for.
I haven't exhausted all my ideas to solve the connection problem yet, so I'll not bother anyone with questions until I have.
11/02/2011 1:55am
Fret kindly sent me an email as follows:
"I had a look at your screenshot and it seems the main issue is the size of the font has overflowed the available display space. The size of the Tab control is fixed, not dynamic. I had left a blank area for people with different font sizes, but it appears that some people have larger fonts than I anticipated. This week I've been playing with Thunderbird and it's UI is much less cluttered and it can also auto-detect a bunch of settings for accounts. I was suitably impressed, and will most likely take on board some of the nice features and layout."

I reduced the user interface font size by one point, and everything looks great now.