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20/12/2002 8:25pm

I'm currently looking for a freeware email program for students in use on a school network. Your problem looks very good, except for the issue of storing email account settings.

I notice the account settings appear to be stored in scribe.r. Is there a way to locate this file where the actual mailbox EMAIL.mail2 file is located?

The reason I ask this is that I was hoping to have the application run from a shared programs network drive, and the mailbox/account settings stored on the student's personal H: drive.

Also, would there be a way to script/automate setting the account settings? (eg, so I don't have to manually enter 600 different account settings :-) ) Basically all I need to change is the User's name, email address and POP logon. I'd be happy to write a util to directly modify the scribe.r(?) file if you'd be perpared to disclose the file's structure.


21/12/2002 1:59am
Firstly you can specify the scribe.r file to use via the command line, which solves the problem of storing the files together.

Secondly if, while specifying the options file with the command line you use the extension ".ini" then the file is written/read as a windows, text based ini file instead of the binary format that I use for property lists.

Several people before have made working multi-user systems based around the .ini options file and the command line switch solution.