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02/04/2002 11:23am
In Eudora, when you receive an attachment to an email it stores it in a seperate (user-definable) folder.

I'm in the situation whereby I didn't organise: move, delete file attachments from the start and now have a folder's file of 90Mb. I've set up about 40 folders and subfolders and it's a nightmare trying to delve thru them all and cleaning up the folders retrospectively.

Eudora style attachment managment would be FANTASTIC.

Any possibility of it in the future?
02/04/2002 11:24am
I remember now why I stopped using Mozilla (these damn | appear in every form posting)


sorry guys

Back to Opera then!
02/04/2002 11:42am
In i.Scribe ALL mail is kept in one file. ALL means that every message is stored with its full body and non-converted MIME attachments. If you want to extract the attachment you have to save it to a local file.

In Eudora all attachments are automatically converted and stored in a user-specified directory.

I think that current i.Scribe functionality is OK. The user should choose what to do with the attachment. BUT I think (I know this would not be easy to implement) that the user should also be able to remove the attachment from a recieved message.
I mean it's no longer neccessary to keep it there when it was saved to a file. Of course to gain some space the folders need to be compacted. I hope you know what I mean...
Additionaly, when an attachment was removed it should leave a trace, that "there was something attached to this message but it was removed".

There. What do you think?
02/04/2002 4:25pm
Very nice feature I think. I never though about it but it can be usefull

02/04/2002 6:06pm
For starters, attachments are not stored in their unconverted form. When Scribe receives an attachment is separates it out into a different object, as a child of the mail object. This way when you move the email to a different folder the attachment can stay where it is on disk.

Secondly there is a tool to help manage your folders size, right click on the mailbox and go properties. It gives you a run down on the space used by all the sub-folders. This helps you drill down to the problem areas. Once you know the folder that is too big just sort by size, descending and you'll find all those big attachments.

Hope this helps.
02/04/2002 6:29pm
PS netean, I took the liberty of fixing the ''s in your post, otherwise the text doesn't wrap properly :)

02/04/2002 6:34pm
I also added some code into the forums to convert those chars automatically into spaces. So you can go back and try using netscape again, see if it works.
03/04/2002 9:45am
well... that shows my ignorance...
Actually, I thought that i.Scribe does it the easiest way there is. But it looks it's more a thinker.

Another thing is that i.Scribe already has a feature to remove attachments apart from messages. All you have to do is right-click and choose Delete. But then, no trace remains.

04/04/2002 3:56am
-thanks for editing my post and adding the "mozilla friendly" bit -

I think it's a bug with Mozilla, but I can't seem to find it on the mozilla bug tracker - maybe a new post is required?

thanks for the replies too
15/04/2002 7:37am
If possible:

can you impliment (at some point) the ability to delete mor than one file attachment at a time?

Got several attachments on some emails but when they are all selected and I ask to delete it only deletes one at a time.

Deleting all the ones i select would be a great time saver :)