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01/12/2002 2:07pm
I just opened Scribe to find all data gone--all the mail, contacts--vanished! Account settings are the only thing that survived. I have no idea what brought this about, but if it happens again I shall have to ditch Scribe, for obvious reasons.
01/12/2002 6:24pm
Firstly the file in the Scribe directory called "folders.mail2" contains all your folders, mail and contacts. If anything happens to that outside Scribe then your going to see the sort of symtoms you have. So you can try browsing to that file using the "File->Open Folders" menu, maybe the path to the file is different or something... it's worth trying.

If your using Win98 and the OS crashes, due to some other program, then it's entirely possible that Scribe's address space will be corrupted and has in the past caused problems like this, where major corruption occur. This isn't Scribe's fault, but is pretty annoying. It used to happen to me when I used '98. Some app would fall over, killing the OS as well, and next time I boot up the folders are half there.

Then there is the unlikely case that Scribe itself corrupted it's own folders.

But none of this helps you right?
Well all I can offer is to write a recovery app/util for the folders.

How big the the folders zipped up?