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Author/Date Can't open Test3 of iScribe
Warren Wong
28/11/2002 5:27am
When I tried to open iScribe Test3, it responded that the file could not be opened because it is incorrect or damaged.

Grateful for your advise.

28/11/2002 5:21pm
Works fine for me, and no-one else is having a problem.

It's worth trying to download it again and see if you can get a complete copy. If that doesn't work then it's probably your internet connection stuffing up.

29/11/2002 6:29am
The problem is after I unzipped and double clicked Scribe.exe, it responded with a small empty window at the center of the screen, with a button with no words on it.
29/11/2002 6:53am
Oh I thought you were talking about the zip file.

Which windows are you running?
29/11/2002 9:00am
I am using Win 98