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12/08/2009 9:35pm
The first email in my inbox right now is from a ZDnet subscription...the usual patter about what's new, old, bad or good in the computer industry. Well, it isn't so good, because I open Scribe (paid version) and, as soon as the ZDnet email displays, Scribe crashes. You can see what happens on this capture I made and uploaded with Jing to screencast. No doubt this is something funky in the ZDnet email, but I don't get this behavior in Outlook. Could modern email methods be outpacing Memecode development?

I've replicated the behavior three times.


12/08/2009 11:36pm
I think you have an old version, v1.xx?

Make a backup of your existing install and then install v2.00 beta9 into the same folder as your existing install. See if that fixes the issue, if it still crashes then you'll need to edit the ScribeOptions.xml file in a text editor. At the top of the file you'll have a section starting with "<options". In one of the lines after there insert:
and save the file.

The should let you start the software without it crashing. Then go into the options and click the Appearance tab, and change the default alternative to text/plain. This should switch off the html display that might be crashing. If you can load the inbox without crashing at this point then export the zdnet email to a file by dragging it to the desktop, then attach that to an email to me and I'll fire it up in the debugger and fix the crash. If it still crashes at that point then v2.00 should have generated a crashdump file in the Scribe folder... so email that to me and I'll see what I can do about it.

However that doesn't help you get on with life, so in the meantime I'd create a 2nd folder file and use that for a few days till I get a chance to look at the crash.

Also another thing to try is adding
to your ScribeOptions.xml file... that should switch off the item preview that crashes the client.
13/08/2009 2:57pm
I installed v2 beta, and that same ZDnet email displays without incident. Hopefully, this solved it, but thanks for taking the time to offer fallback options, as well. Give yourself a raise.