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Author/Date File names starting with a space character
Richard B
11/05/2009 9:53am
Such names may not be legal but I have some on a Linux host - created by PHP. The relevant files are

The intended file - dot.txt - is also present.

I have problems with them:

1. They are listed in iFtp without the leading space
2. Trying to delete one of the wrong files via iFtp actually deleted the correct one
3. I cannot delete the incorrect one (well, I could presumably do so via PHP)
4. Every time I click "List" an additional (duplicate) entry is added to the file list. This only vanishes if I move out of the directory and then back in.
Richard B
11/05/2009 9:21pm
I've solved my problem using PHP to rename the problem files:

// This *renameselected.php* script is to modify some problem file names
// Must be run in the directory to be processed.
// Copyright 2009 Nomaz ( but may be freely used or modified for all lawful purposes.
echo "Rename file names starting with a space<br />";
$dir = opendir(getcwd());
echo $dir . "<br />";
while (($file = readdir($dir)) !== false)
echo "filename: ==" . $file . "== Name length = " . strlen($file) . "<br />";
if (ord($file) == 32) {
$filenow = "_SUSPECT_" . $file;
rename ($file, $filenow);
echo "Renamed to " . $filenow . "<br />";
echo (" == All done ==");