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Author/Date mail database corrupted
12/02/2009 8:29pm

Sorry if this problem was already submitted but it seems to be impossible to search in this forum :-(

With iScribe 1.88 final (Windows)
When I open iScribe, it immediately crash with the following message :

I have tried several thing without success, including upgrading and renaming the plugins.
Finally I rename the file "folders.mail2" and restarted iScribe.
It recreated a new file and now it works again like a charm
... but I lost all my mail and, more annoying, all my contacts !!!

Is a software exist to check and eventually repair the mail database ?

How can I restore/save my contact list ?

12/02/2009 10:12pm
There is a section called "Damaged Folders" on the trouble shooting page, have a read of that.