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Author/Date Changing identity doesn't stick
20/01/2009 7:11pm
I'm in the process of migrationg my primary account to a new one. This means that I receive a mail on the old account and want to reply using the new account and under the new identity. The mailadres to use can be changed using the from option. But this doesn't stick. Whenever I change the from, it reverts to the old (original) from adress when it's send, but also when saved and closed. Saving and closing using the X-button also doesn't work.

To make things complicated, the new identity's provider has an protected SMTP server (requiring logon). Every mail from the wrong (old) identity is rejected because "sender adress is not valid for your logon", which is correct (sadly).

Is this a known problem? I'm running 2b6 under W2KSP4 or Win7 Build7000. I'm not using 2b8 because of the problem I reported earlier on (having to check each account seperatly).

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12/02/2009 10:36pm
Please try this build of beta9 and see how it goes. If there are any issues let me know and I'll deal with them quickly.
20/02/2009 9:29pm
Problem solved! I'm very pleased, because this makes live a lot easier.