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Author/Date how to best report crashes?
24/12/2008 10:36pm
hee fret,
nice to see the mail3 implementation.
As you said, it crashed frequently. Do you want CrashData after every crash, or only in reproducable situations that I can descibe?
25/12/2008 11:30am
At the moment just report what you did to cause the crash and if I can't reproduce it (unlikely) I'll give you a debug build to work with.

I'm still using mail2 for day to day email storage but in Janurary I'll be trying to dogfood the mail3 format. So it'll get better quickly, and input from beta testers will help a lot. So hang in there :)

Also over the next 2 weeks I'll be releasing a mac build of v2.x as well. Most likely as "beta9" including some crash fixes.