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19/11/2008 9:15pm
I'm afraid I couldn't find an answer to this on your forum...

I'm sorry to say I'm using Vista Home Premium.

I installed i.scribe and really liked it, but had to uninstall it because when I clicked MAILTO: links no compose window popped up; just the main application window. So I would have had to compose a message from scratch.

If there's an easy way around this please let me know and I'll reinstall i.scribe.

If there isn't an easy way around it, I'll be sad, because Scribe is a really nice piece of software far friendlier than Thunderbird, in my opinion.
16/12/2008 10:15pm
Which version of Scribe are you using?

(Have you tried the latest v1.90 build?)
17/12/2008 12:59am
Yes, it was v1.90. I can't remember the exact circumstances of my problem, but it's not beyond the realms of possibility that it had something to do with the Vista registry. I'll try v2.00 when it comes out of beta. Thanks for following up, and thanks in advance to you guys for a great program! :-D