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Author/Date Sorting contacts on title field
31/10/2008 9:57am
The sorting of the title field behaves strange. I use the title field to identify groups of people. This way it's easier to maintain the groups when new persons are added too the contacts. In that case I empty the group, sort on title and drag the entire population with the same title to the group.

Under Inscribe 2b6 the sorting seams broken. The same titles aren't grouped together anymore. I looked at the title field, and even copy-pasted the title information between one correctly and one stray title, with no luck.


Inscribe 2b6 under W2K
31/10/2008 10:02am
Also the sorting on the surname field seems broken. Surnames starting with an R should be before the one's starting with W. But this one was in between. After reentering the name, the problem is worse. This name stands last in list...

04/11/2008 12:52am
I couldn't reproduce the surname issue, but the title wasn't working. So I've rewritten the contact compare function to fix that issue and as a side effect also run faster. Thanks for reporting the issue.
20/02/2009 9:31pm
Problem solved in 2b9. (very happy camper ;0 )