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25/10/2008 8:41pm
I upgraded to versie 2b6. But when i want to send a mail it gets rejected because there is no from adress in the mail. I found the first page of the accounts and added the account (removed during upgrade?). But no luck. The from shows op when composing a message, but won't stick...

I go back to the previous version, because this is a show stopper :-(

25/10/2008 8:49pm
Ha... I suck... I didn't test it. And there isn't a way to make it work, the UI for setting the email address and name in the account is hidden in i.Scribe and you need to configure it correctly.

Fixing it as I type... sorry :D
25/10/2008 9:19pm
Try Beta7 for me, should work. (Not an official release, still doing more testing)
26/10/2008 8:23pm
Forgot to mention that I use InScribe and not i.Scribe. So when you have the b7 version of InScribe ready i'm happy to try it.

26/10/2008 10:56pm
The InScribe release should be able to send no worries. If you're getting no "from" address in your email, you need to check that:
a) You have entered in your identity (name/email) in at least one of your accounts.
b) You have selected one of the Identities in the "Identity" menu on the main window.

That fixes newly created mail. For existing email in your outbox, you may have to open it, show the "from" panel and select a specific identity manually.
31/10/2008 9:46am
Is it correct that you changed the identity behaviour from 1.9 to 2.0? This because in 1.9 the Identity tab under options also had fields for name, e-mail adress and reply to. Under 2.0 this is gone.

I didn't add this information under 1.9 to the various account settings and this caused the problem. After a second try, initially i had the same problem again. Even when I added the proper information under the account settings. Then I noticed your remark about selecting the main identity. Looking at the menu you mentioned every thing looked fine at glance. Because I only use one identity for sending which appeared. I didn't realize that I had to select the identity (check mark has to appear in front of the active identity!). When I placed the check mark the problem was solved. Conclusion, always look twice... ;-)

04/11/2008 12:54am
I think the whole install and configure process needs a little more work in v2, so I'll have a look at that this week. It's something I rarely have to do personally so I don't see those rough edges enough.