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Author/Date Which version ist best to use under linux?
21/10/2008 6:05pm
Sorry if this question seems to be silly, but I experience some serious trouble with the native linux version (1.90 test 4 and 1.88) under opensuse 10.3 with kde.

The windows version with wine seems to work better, but I'm in a very early testing stage here...

Trouble is: very often the program just seems to freeze (especially after loosing and "regaining" the focus - neither is a scribe-window redrawn nor does any keystroke (within scribe) seem to work.

Which combination of linux/desktop/scribe does work for you ?
21/10/2008 9:00pm
I saw this for the first time last night with the Lgi based IDE. So I'm in the process of looking into it.