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pomj (michael)
13/02/2008 12:29pm
I´m almost sure that a correct/functional imap implementation was promised for v2. Is it not on the schedule anymore? scribe is a very nice mailer but it really sucks when used against an imap account. Downloading everything all the time. Please Matthew fix that.

br /michael
13/02/2008 12:37pm
Yes, it's still on the schedule, and all this work I'm doing is laying the foundation for a solid IMAP implementation. But if the underlying architecture is broken, building an better IMAP implementation is pointless.

So I'm going to get the existing features stable on the new storage API, then work on re-building IMAP functionality.

IMAP support was one of the main reasons for the re-write... so it's time will come.
13/02/2008 9:13pm
Thank you Mr. Allen! Thank you! I cannot contribute on alpha, but I sure hope for you that the work load is worth it. Of course it is :), and things will hopefully be easier from now on. I will stick around.